Two local boys disappeared while playing in the woods. The town folk who searched for them found some bear-like tracks, but no sign of the boys. Worse yet, some of the search party went missing as well! I have run adventures like this and I stole the premise directly from Goosebumps books I read in grade school like the newer, The Beast from the East.

R.L. Stine creates the stuff of nightmares, and we can bring those nightmares to life for our players! I could try to explain how, but maybe I should leave that in the hands of the experts and people like R.L. Stine.

R.L. Stein will make you poop your pants!When I was reading the speaking event list at the Tucson Festival of Books, I saw one that caught my eye in particular. Thrills and Chills: Spine-Tingling Tales at 10:00AM at the Education Kiva. The event description is “Horror and ghost stories provide teens with spine-tingling tales that capture their attention and imaginations. These tales invite readers to consider the fears that pervade their lives and world.” When I saw that R.L. Stine himself is on the panel for this event, I thought, “R.L. Stine is EXACTLY the expert that could help scare the shit out of my gaming group!” I also thought, “ERMAHGERD; BERKS!”

I’m not saying that if you don’t attend this event then you obviously don’t care about your players, and you don’t want them to experience some fear in their game; however, If you don’t attend this event… I don’t think you really care about your players, and I also think you don’t want them to experience ANY feeling, let alone fear, while you run a game for them.

You should attend this (or any R.L. Stine event) if:

  • You want to find out new ways to scare your players
  • You want to rip-off adventure primers from Goosebumps books
  • You think R.L. Stine is AWESOME
  • OR if you’re afraid of something silly BECAUSE of R.L. Stine

We are ridiculously excited about the Tucson Festival of Books, and one of the reasons is our feverous fanaticism for the works of the 70-year-old R.L. Stine. We’ll see you there!

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